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Man and woman talking within a funky mural hallway
Girl with blonde hair, wearing a black jacket within a funky mural hallway
Woman with dark hair laying on her stomach, looking forward while on a blue lounge
Two women in a bar laughing loudly
Woman with long, blonde hair sitting, wearing a beige, silk dress, sitting on a leather sofa, gazing
Man in a white studio, wearing a blue suit and sitting on a blue armchair
Couple in a white studio with woman wearing a blue dress and sitting in a blue armchair with man in
Woman in a white studio, wearing a blue dress and leaning over a metal chair
Man in black suit and white shirt leaning against a rail brightly coloured building in the backgroun
Two men and woman walking together on a city street
Woman with dark hair, wearing red pants and white & black jacket, walking on a city street
Man wearing blue shirt and black pants standing on wood staircase
Man and woman looking at a cell phone and smiling with brightly coloured umbrellas and cushions in b
Man in blue shirt leaning over staircase railing
Woman with blonde hair, wearing light coloured dress, sitting in a chair looking at camera
Woman with blonde hair, wearing light dress, sitting on a chair with another woman photobombing behi
Woman with dark hair, wearing white top, sitting on chair and looking at camera
Couple standing and leaning against each other, while wearing black t-shirts in a white studio
Couple sitting together on the floor of a white studio, wearing matching black t-shirts
Couple wearing black t-shirts, toasting with champagne glasses and looking at each other
Man wearing white t-shirt with blue jacket with white wall and green plants in background
Man and woman standing and leaning against a white wall, looking and pointing
Woman wearing bright blue, floral dress with green plants in background
Woman wearing white jacket and jeans sitting on the outside steps of a city building
Two women standing on a city street, gazing ahead of them
Woman wearing white jacket and jeans standing in the middle of traffic on a city street
Man and woman on an outdoor balcony, laughing, with city in the background
Woman sitting on steps of a city building with man standing in background
Woman with blonde hair, wearing a black jacket, leaning against a brown interior wall, looking to th
Two men and a woman, all wearing black & red, standing on steps within an office building foyer
Woman in red pants and black top with man in light jacket and black pants walking out of city office
Woman in red pants with two men wearing black suits standing under an umbrella on a city street
Man in blue shirt and blue glasses sitting on wood staircase
Man wearing blue suit, sitting on long, red lounge, within a hotel lobby, with city in the backgroun
Woman in floral dress, sitting on a sofa laughing, with man photobombing in the background
Woman holding a movie clapperboard, while also being photographed with a cell phone
Couple sitting on the floor together in a white studio, with man holding a football
Torso of a man in a blue t-shirt holding an aboriginal designed football
Woman with dark hair, wearing a black silky dress, sitting on a blue velvet lounge
Two women at a table eating cookies and drinking coffee
Woman with dark hair, holding a large cookie and laughing
Man wearing blue suit and blue shirt leaning against a white, marble wall
Woman standing and leaning on the shoulder of a man sitting on the side of a chair within a hotel lo
Woman wearing bright blue, floral dress with green plants in background
Woman with dark hair, against a black background, wearing a pink jacket, with legs crossed and smili
Two women standing against a white curtain leaning against each other back to back
Two women dancing against a white curtain, while being videoed with a cell phone
Man and woman wearing blue jackets, talking in city building foyer, while looking into a mirror
Man and woman wearing white & blue sweatshirts looking at an ipad
Man in white sweatshirt on a city street with old brick building in background
Woman sitting with arms around her knees, wearing a pink jacket against a black background
Blonde woman wearing a purple leather jacket leaning against a light wooden wall
Man and woman wearing black jackets walking through a funky mural hallway
Girl with blonde hair, wearing a black jacket within a funky mural hallway
Man and woman walking through a city building with coffee in hands

|     Business Branding Sessions     |

I hear you loud and clear, business owners!

You want branding photography that’s just as unique to “You and Your Team” as personal branding photography is to an individual. 

Your business is different.  It’s unique.  And you want to show it!

My Business Branding Sessions are bespoke photoshoots created with small businesses in mind.  I'm all about jazzing up your online presence with images that capture your vibe and style as a team, as well as individually.

I like to think of these sessions as a team-building exercise where you get to hang out and have fun with your team and then be rewarded with a gallery full of customised images to be spread across your website and social media platforms for months to come.

Ready to start planning your bespoke Business Branding Session?  Let’s do it!

|    Investment    |

Starting at

$895 (for two people)

What's Included?

Up to 1.5 hour shoot time

Individual images of the team

Pics of the team together

Session can take place at your chosen location and can include indoor and/or outdoor photography to suit your style


All my hours of tender-loving editing

(for every hour of shoot time I spend an average of 3 hours editing to bring out the magic in every single image)


Copy of all edited images in both colour and black & white

(yep, you read that right ... ALL the edited images are yours to keep!)


And in just a matter of days after your shoot,

your images will arrive in your inbox,

all ready for you to admire and start sharing!


Want more?

More people?  More time?  More images?  More locations?

No problem!  This is where you get to design just what you want.  

Simply add $250 for every additional 30 minutes

"Let's go, Donna!
We're unique and we want
to show it!

|     Need a bit of reassurance from others who have worked with me?    |

Amy 12
Circle 3

Wow!! Our photo shoot with Donna was absolutely amazing and blew our expectations! We had so much fun during the shoot and Donna managed to capture the pure essence of our brand and each of our personalities. The pictures are fresh, fun and so natural. We continue to receive regular compliments on our photos and how much personality and branding is in each one.  Thank you so much, Donna. You are brilliant!

Amy Jacobson 

- Emotional Intelligence -

We have used Donna’s photography talents twice now. As a small business, having high quality photos that you can use for content is imperative in today's social media world. What’s more important is having real photos of you and your team. It makes your brand more personal instead of using stock photos. Donna isn’t only a phenomenal photographer, but she also understands marketing and can capture the right shots that you can use to promote your business and your team.

Dave Clare 

- Circle Leadership -

Donna's expert eye for capturing a person's essence - or the essence they want to portray - is where she shines.  She's one of those people you immediately relax around - a big tick when you're feeling nervous about a photoshoot!  She's friendly, funny, creative and insightful, working with you to ascertain exactly what your goals are from the time of booking, through to the shoot and post-production.

Tamara Cook 

- Known Associates Events -

|     Almost ready to book but still have a few questions?    |

Pop on over to my Let's Answer Some of Your Questions page where there's a good chance I'll answer those questions, or ... 

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