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|     Got a few questions?     |

Let's see if I can answer them for you ...


You can just Photoshop that, right?

Personally, I am a natural-loving photographer who thinks everyone I photograph looks amazing without any enhancements made in Photoshop (lighting/colour/contrast adjustments etc. aside).  I have a strong desire to promote a healthy self image, along with a positive approach to ageing and because of that I am very cautious with the use of Photoshop for altering one's appearance, but should you wake up with a frightful facial blemish on the day of your shoot, I will very gladly remove that for you! 

Do you work from a studio?

I class myself as a mostly Natural Light Photographer, which basically means I don't tend to work in a studio with lighting.   Natural light is where I'm at.  I love the free-flowing and spontaneous nature of being light on foot and light on equipment.  For me, it simply offers more possibilities.  If something isn’t working, we simply move and try something else.  But, I appreciate some people prefer a more controlled, studio-lit environment and there are definite advantages to that.  It's ultimately just personal preference, so if you feel a studio might be more your thing, we can simply arrange studio hire for an additional charge.


Do you recommend having makeup professionally done?

Yes and No!  Haha, I know ... not quite the cookiecutter answer you were hoping for, but I truly feel this is an individual decision based on your own relationship with makeup.  Some people love it and wouldn't be caught dead without it, while others don't feel like themselves when wearing it.  If you're in the makeup loving camp I would generally encourage you to have it (and possibly hair) done professionally for your shoot.  It will give you a confidence boost that helps you shine in front of the camera,  but I recommend keeping with a look and feel that still looks like you.  If you usually wear little to no makeup, I would recommend you stick with that, as the last thing you want is to not feel comfortable with how you look.  Ultimately, at the end of the day you don't want to run the risk of people not recognising you when they see you in public, so keep it true to you either way!  And if it is for you, I work with a couple awesome Hair & Make-Up Artists, who I wholeheartedly recommend, so just let me know and I'll get you set up.


Can you help me with what to wear and what to include in my photo session?

Of course!  As a photographer I naturally have a good idea about what works, what compliments an image, what to incorporate into your session, etc., and this is something we discuss during our pre-session chat, but if you feel you'd like to invest in the services and expertise of a professional, I have a few stylists I love to work with, so let me know if you'd like me to set something up.


Can we meet up in person before our photo session?

Although we get a lot covered over the phone and in between messages, if you feel you’d like us to meet before the session or have me stop by to check out your location etc., just let me know as that can definitely be arranged for an additional charge.


How many images can I choose?

I want your photoshoot with me to tell a story and because of that I love to give you as many images as possible.  For this reason I don’t limit you to choosing just a handful of images allocated within a package.  I spend more time editing to give you more choice.  In fact, sometimes I am known to give less than technically brilliant images because I feel they might still capture a little something that is worth remembering.  I want you to have a photo library of images that evoke different thoughts and emotions.  Even if you don’t use every single image (even if you don’t like every single image), having all the post-edited images gives you so many more opportunities for story-telling across all your social media platforms, as well as your life!


Can I include others in my session?

Of course!  Sometimes others tell a part of your story … clients, family, furry friends (and the not-so furry ones), but I like to explain upfront that for every additional person that comes into the mix, it adds time.  For example, the dynamic instantly changes from a personal photoshoot as we switch to accommodate and direct others.  It takes time for others to relax and get into the zone and the ability to capture a photo of everyone looking awesome all at the same time instantly decreases!  So, for those reasons, I definitely recommend booking a longer shoot.


Do you offer longer than a three hour session?

Yes.  No.  Maybe.  In my experience, at some point between a three and four hour session, people tend to get tired.  There's alot that goes into a photoshoot from the planning, the anticipation, the time of possibly having your hair & make-up done beforehand, some expected nerves, being outside of your normal zone of comfort and having to be "on" for several hours that most tend to be exhausted by the end of a three hour session (beautifully and excitedly exhausted, I might add!)  I on the other hand, am always up for "just one more shot" so if you are super keen to go longer, we can definitely plan on it.


Can you capture some video at the same time as our photo session?

Although I don’t personally offer videography (beyond a few behind-the-scenes captures) if you’d like to incorporate some video content into your shoot, just let me know, as I work with a few awesome Videographers who I highly recommend.


Do you do other kinds of photography?

Absolutely!  Although I work a lot with one-on-one personal branding, I’m a photographer who loves to work in pretty much any area, so if you’ve got something a little different in mind let’s chat … I love new stuff!   


Do you do travel to locations further afield?

Yes.  Yes.  Yes!  I love to travel, so if you have your heart set on a photography location that may require some additional time and expense to get to, let's chat!


Can I drink champagne and play my favourite feel-good tunes during the shoot?

Absolutely!  You can do whatever it is that gets you into your very own camera-ready zone.

Still have a question I didn't answer?  

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