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Needing More?

Feeling like you need to delve a little deeper into discovering

YOUR brand to make the most of your photoshoot?

Or, maybe you've had your photoshoot, have a gallery full of amazing images, 

but you're not quite sure how to use them?

Or, maybe there's something else?

I can help!

Choose the consultation that best fits and let's get you going ...

Consultations can take
place in person or
$250 per hour


|    Finding Your Brand   |

You know you want to share more about yourself but you’re not sure what’s relevant to share?


After 6 years as a personal brand photographer, I’ve naturally absorbed many of the nuances of branding for business and how to bring so much more of YOU and YOUR story into how you share yourself online.


I’m not talking about colours, fonts & layouts for your website.


I’m talking about your personality, your voice and your values.


Like any relationship in life, it’s through conversation and sharing

that we form connections and foster those relationships.  


Social media is simply another way of having a conversation.  


When we share more about our real selves (not just our "reel" selves),

we create opportunities for people to get to know us on a more personal level and

that builds relatability, likeability and ultimately, trust.

|    Connecting Content to Your Images    |

You’ve had your photoshoot.


You’ve got a gallery full of images you love, but now what? 


After years of working with branding and social media marketing,

I’ve gotten pretty good at connecting content to images and vice versa.


I’ve spent time getting to know you before and during your photoshoot,

and so I’ve got some insight into what’s worthy and relevant to share.


I don’t write the social media posts for you,

(because you know it’s important to

maintain an authentic tone in your words and voice),

but I sure can help spark some content creation inspo for you!

|    Design Your Own Consultation    |

Throughout my years in business, I can’t tell you the number of times I wished I could simply “rent-an-expert” for an hour or so to get quick & specific answers to what I was needing, without having to commit greater time & money into a full program, workshop, or professional business coaching.


If this is how you’re feeling, maybe I’m the “rent-an-expert” you’ve been looking for?!?!


I can help you with:



Social Media


How to DIY some stuff when starting up

But if you're thinking of something else, just ask!

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